Our aim at Real Time Risk

Our aim at Real Time Risk (RTR),  is to take you and your organisation,company or business on a journey. We will work together with your management team & provide you with the right tools & coaching so you will be able to see & feel positive changes in the way you are managing your risks, safety management & conduct your day to day business.


When we say changes we are talking about raising the bar with your safety management and your independent safety culture.

Why are we  different to our competitors?  what is Real Time Risk?

Well it’s simple; normally when you hear about “Real Time Risk Management” the first thing that normally comes to mind are the larger corporate organisations and their versions of  commercial risk analysis.

Our main focus as risk consultants is to use the hierarchy of controls as our platform and to identify & eliminate any high level risks that may have slipped under the radar in your initial business developments.These are some of the identified areas where new risks derive from:

  • Changes with existing business objectives
  • Additional work scopes being added to original projects
  • Introducing new companies or business
  • Joint ventures, bridging documentation

With new developments come new risks to your business.

 Statistics clearly indicate that when a fatality or a catastrophic event occurs in the work place. Post-incident investigations findings generally provide us with following root causes;

  • Behavioural /human error
  • Failed communications, controls
  • Failed procedures/safe work statements
  • Failed maintenance systems
  • Systems or equipment design faults

These are just some of the areas we at Real Time Risk would like to help you with.

Over the last 20 years there are so many variations of risk management tools that have come in to play; we now have high-level safety protocols like safety cases in place with our regulators. Majority of senior management are now involved with stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) prior to project kick off conducting;

  • Hazard and operability studies (HAZOP)

  • Hazard Identification (HAZID) workshops

  • Task Risk Assessments (TRA)

  • Bowtie

It is common now that ground level safety management tools are in place – Like job Safety Environment Analysis (JSEA), Take 5/5×5 and tool box meetings.

So why are we still having nasty incidents that can, and have lead to a fatalities or a non-desirable catastrophic events taking place in our work places?


RTR = The one or multiple trigger events or gaps that lead towards an event taking place that were not identified in the initial risk & hazard assessments that have the potential to cause harm, fatality or a catastrophic consequence to health or the environment.

This is where Real Time Risk comes into play;

By working closely with our clients, using our new state of the art technology / cloud based software we can immediately identify any shortfalls or areas that require improvement. In no time at all we can provide our clients with a gap analysis report of the findings and provide our recommendations for improvement.

Our objective here is to open communications and produce action plans that you as a potential client can have a visual on how your business is travelling and pathways to resolve any problematic areas that may have been identified. This will provide you with some assurance  that you are compliant to current legislative requirements and your systems are more refined & user friendly for the next person who may require to use them.

Pending on the findings and the work involved will determine whether we need to assign a dedicated consultant that would be tailored to your needs.

We aim to provide representation with specific experience to your selected work site or industry sector. We believe to identify all potential high-risk areas first you must have knowledge of the site-specific operations.

Our consultants are not there to criticize, nor are they there to change the way your business is running. We are there to identify Real Time Risk that could pose potential harm to Health Safety, and Environment.


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